Getting the Most Out of “Stock” Lenses

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Getting the Most Out of “Stock” Lenses
1010606Getting the Most Out of “Stock” Lenses
<emphasis role="bold">Introduction</emphasis> This chapter is intended as a guide and an aid to the use of “catalog” or “stock” lenses, that is, lenses that can be bought from one of the many suppliers to the trade (or perhaps lenses of unknown origin which you may find in the back of a desk drawer or in a dusty cabinet in your lab). The ideas behind this topic are that (1) there is often a “best” way to utilize a lens for a particular application, (2) various types of lenses h…
Warren J. Smith: Practical Optical System Layout: And Use of Stock Lenses. Getting the Most Out of “Stock” Lenses, Chapter (McGraw-Hill Professional, 1997), AccessEngineering Export