Seismic Topics in Geotechnical Engineering

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Seismic Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
1010402Seismic Topics in Geotechnical Engineering
Seismic Stress Waves There are two primary kinds of seismic waves: body waves and surface waves. The faster body waves move through the earth. Slower surface waves travel along the surface of the earth. There are two kinds of body waves: (1) compressional waves, also called primary waves (P-waves) and (2) shear waves, also called secondary waves (S-waves). P-waves apply longitudinal (push-pull) stresses. S-waves apply lateral (side-to-side) stresses. P-waves can travel through solids, liquids, or gases, but shear waves can pass only through solids. P-waves are the fastest seismic waves, and they arrive …
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